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Here at Momentum Fitness Tallahassee, we aim to foster healthy lifestyles - whether that be through a serene yoga class, a high-energy, calorie-torching training class, by smashing out a weightlifting session, or pushing oneself with cardio.

Take a peek into our club and see why we offer the most unique gym experience Tallahassee has to offer.

Specialty Equipment

You won’t be able to find this at just any gym.

Our unique setup allows you to have the best of both worlds. As a signature member at Momentum, you pay a fraction of other boutique studio prices while benefiting from personalized heart rate-based workouts, a full health club, specialty equipment, other group fitness classes, and more.

Elevate Classes

Elevate Classes

By combining three styles of training, we have completed a perfect formula to guide you in reaching your goals. Work with trainers in a small group setting attending our Elevate heart rate-based training classes. Your specific goals and fitness level sets your pace. Elevate classes are designed to sculpt your physique or condition your body depending on which classes you take and what goals you discuss with our trainers.

Functional Training

Functional Training Space

Free for all to use when Elevate is not in session. Features turfed ground, medicine balls, battle/climbing ropes, sleds, tanks, and much MUCH more.

Group Fitness

Group Fitness Studio

Our group fitness studio is located past the front desk, through the female-focused area. When classes are not in session, anyone is welcome to use the group fitness studio. Our group fitness rotation includes classes like Zumba, yoga, Pilates, barre, weights-focused toning classes, and more.

Elevate Classes

Free Weights

Free weight areas are conveniently located in the gym and we have multiple spaces that feature free weights available for use. Using free weights, including kettlebells, medicine balls and even sandbags help to build strength and fitness while focusing on good form.

Functional Training

Squat Racks

We have 3 Olympic platforms in the back of our gym, usable for all compound movements: squat, deadlift and hip thrusts. We also have 2 standing squat racks in the elevate / functional training space.

Group Fitness

Female-Focused Area

Our female-focused area is just past the locker rooms and has everything you need for a complete workout, in a more private environment. This area is secluded, quiet, and includes cardio equipment, free weights, a smith machine, and other machines to work all muscle groups. There is also a cable machine, resistance bands, a bosu ball, mats, and more.

Our Programming

Personal training

Personal Training

Need custom programming? A trainer to check your form, and maybe even count your reps? When you work with a personal trainer, you’re set up with a specific meal and training plan, tailored to your goals.

elevate training

Elevate Training

Reap the benefits of customized programming, and work out with a personal trainer, in a small group setting. Classes are heart rate-based workouts, designed to torch calories and tone your body.

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